Todays' decisions, tomorrow's reality


Keep up to date with our monitoring service records and be the first to hear about any financier event of your customers.


Know your customer credit score and obtain a better understanding of what is its status and financial capacity when extending or providing a new credit line.


Clear and easy-to-understand business credit reports.


Our main objective is to recover its debts out of court. So, it will charge its debts and keep its customers.


Financial information, background checks, payment behaviour, debts, etc.


We provide fresh trade references from subject’s existing suppliers.


Get official information on directors, shareholders, incorporation, property, capital and receive original certified documents.


Know the latest news, analysis reports on specific sectors or industries.

How we do it

Customized Service

We value our customer’s choice and personalized our services depending on his needs.

Affordable Prices

We manage affordable prices for our clients and bring special discounts for budget requests.

Accurate Information

Our team makes the best effort to obtain as much accurate information as possible.

Business Credit Information

Riskma Solutions provides business credit reports, helping clients take important decisions.

Distinguishing good customers from potentially bad ones turns quite difficult for companies selling internationally. We help businesses make wise credit decisions, no matter where they trade.

We help you keep your data base updated, with the last commercial and financial information about companies or individuals.

We work with affiliates and partners all through America to deliver fresh, reliable credit reports. Riskma® reports are competitively priced and are designed according to each client’s requiments.


Our product portfolio includes various options for our clients different needs

BASIC report

It provides basic registry data and confirmation that the company is operating correctly.

  • Executive Summary
  • Key Information
  • Officers and Employees

FULL report

It provides complete data on history facts, staff, shareholders, financial figures, exports, imports, clients, interview, etc.

  • Executive Summary
  • Key Information
  • Officers and Employees
  • Significant Developments
  • Judgment Filings
  • Bankers
  • Collections
  • History
  • Credinsight Score
  • Financial highlights
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

EXPERT report

It provides all information available for the company including financials, trade references, clients, suppliers, exports, imports, interview, payment terms, shareholders, etc.

  • Executive Summary
  • Key Information
  • Officers and Employees
  • Significant Developments
  • Judgment Filings
  • Commercial Banking
  • Collections
  • Credinsight Score
  • Credit Recommendations
  • Share Capital Structure
  • Directors / Principals
  • Operations Details
  • History
  • Related Companies
  • Financial Data
  • Local Information
  • Significant Developments
  • Socio-cultural/demographic element
  • Customers and clients
  • Competitors
  • Suppliers
  • References
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

Individual report

Obtain all financial figures and payment behaviour for an individual.

  • Validation of identity
  • Rejected checks in the last 24 months
  • Information from Central Bank (BCRA), AFIP, judicial, extrajudicial
  • Payment baheviour

Debt collection

We help you deal with your debts in an effective manner.

We provide efficient, reliable and flexible solutions to recover international debts all through Latin America.
Our main principle is to recover debt through negotiation and avoid going to court. Negotiation is a central part of our strategy and legal proceedings are always a last source.

Official documents

Obtain official documents from Registry confirming incorporation, shareholders, properties, etc.

Obtain official documentation of directors, shareholders, capital, incorporation, properties and other official documents certified by the registry office.