We are a financial solutions company founded by a group of people with experience in consulting and financial research. We know what your company needs to analyze potential new customers.

Although we are a newly established company, we have managed to consolidate our position in both domestic and international markets, always offering the best quality services to our customers.

Since our inception we maintain high quality services based on strategic and professional work for our family of customers.

Our team consists of a group of lawyers, accountants, translators and specialists in credit analysis who are passionate about providing the best service.

Fundamental Imperative

Constantly improve our services

Extend customer relationships

Outperform the competition


RESPONSIBILITY to provide you with the most reliable information by dedicating special attention on each service provided.

INNOVATION which helps our clients understand this changing business world, we are always finding better solutions to meet new requirements.

SIMPLICITY by supplying easy to understand information with clarity.

KNOWLEDGE to serving our clients with exceptional quality and proven success. Our local presence in the region is our key ingredient which provides us with singular experience.

MOTIVATION to think and act like business owners. We work with passion and enthusiasm focusing on each client’s needs.

ACCURACY, providing precise and objective information.

We are a company authorized by the National Registry of Personal Data Protection.
National Registry of Data Protection

It is the Registry which control personal records, files, databases or data processing personal data. Access for consultation to the registry is public and free.

Through it, all people will know what information is handled by each database and who is responsible for it.

Also, having registered company’s database means the company meets one of the requirements of legality required by No. 25,326 (art. 3 and 21 paragraph 1) Act.

This will ensure the effective protection of personal data. Individuals may attend the DNPDP as to know which databases can have their data, who is responsible, and then go to those records, files, databases or data to correct, delete or rectify the seat.