European Parliament advances in the discussion of the EU-Mercosur agreement

The report, which will be presented for approval next week at the Foreign Affairs Committee, and then approved at the Strasbourg plenary in September, emphasizes the European Union’s “strategic relationship” with Latin America as a priority, in a context of World change, erected among other factors by the protectionist positions of Donald Trump.

The free trade agreement between the European Union (EU) and Mercosur, which was announced this week will have its first political agreement by the end of the year, can be endorsed by the European Parliament in the first months of 2019, said MEP Javi López, author of the report that recommends giving priority to “the strategic relationship” with Latin America.

“It will be the same as with the agreement signed yesterday by the EU with Japan, the political framework will be closed and then technical work will continue in small print and is expected to be approved during this term, which ends in May Of 2019, “Spanish socialist MEP Javi López told Télam in Madrid.

López is the author and rapporteur of the report “Political Relations of the European Union with Latin America”, commissioned by the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Union, which represents the official position of the European Parliament on relations between the European Union and Latin America Latina. In turn, the Committee on Foreign Affairs has among its functions to approve the agreements signed by the community block.

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