Acindar anticipated that its production and sales of steel will grow 10% this year.

The main supplier of the country plans to increase sales by increasing demand for public works and also the recovery of industrial sectors.

The production and sale of steel by Acindar, the country’s main supplier, will grow at least 10% this year, driven by higher demand for public works, but also by the recovery of different industrial sectors, Million tons.

“We came from a rather complicated 2016 because it was the first year after a government transition that had its impact on Acindar’s sales levels, but today the indicators are recovering and the prospects are good in light of the reactivation of the Public works and infrastructure, “Facundo Velasco, Manager of Legal and Institutional Affairs at Acindar told Télam.

In the year in which he celebrates his 75th anniversary, Velasco stressed that “forecasts have been accurate, and both production and sales in real terms have improved.” According to the Argentine Chamber of Steel, crude oil production in April was 367,400 tonnes, representing a growth of 15.1% over the same period of the previous year.

As the main supplier of long steel in the country, the demand for the reactivation of public works and infrastructure development impacts on the activity of the company that is part of the Arcelor-Mittal Group. In this regard, Velasco estimated that this year will record “at least a 10% increase over 2016.”

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